8 Essential Documents Required For Buying A Property Unity The Amaryllis

Buying a property is considered as the most essential decision for all of us and in this process, a meticulous approach is important to meet the lucrative property, so before this, you should know about the documents required for buying a property.

Unity The Amaryllis

Sale Deed
This is a legal document that holds evidence of the sale and transfer of property from a builder to an individual.

Mother Deed
It is an important document to trace the ownership of the property. And this is required by banks when a buyer avail a loan for the property. And for this, you can take help from the local authorities.

Sale & Purchase Agreement
This is an agreement that brings terms and conditions for you and the builder both, so this will show an agreed amount so that in future it creates no confusion and everything remains in black & white.
So do check every document to meet a fret free investment journey with Unity The Amaryllis.

Building Approval Plan
The home buyers do not focus on this but it is important to check that the builder is clear with all the approvals of building plan and layout approval. And in case the builder fails to meet the terms and conditions, then it could trouble you, so it is better to check this before it gets late.

Possession level
This document is important too created by the builder accentuating the date of the buyer’s possession of the property. This document is not proof of the ownership of the property, and it created post the receipt of the Completion Certificate.

Completion Certificate
This occupancy certificate states that the building is inspected upon completion and then the municipal corporation, the local development authority everything is followed by the builder. Also, this document is essential to access basic needs such as electricity supply, drainage system, water supply and more.
It is suggested that novice home buyers should not buy property without a completion certificate.

Khata Certificate
It is one of the important documents that hold essential details of the property, location, built up area, size and more to pay property taxes. And this document helps in applying for a home loan, also, when you have to apply for water and electricity apply this Khata certificate will be an essential document.

Allotment Letter
This letter is for booking a home which is under construction and this highlights details related to payment of the flat, any additional fee for additional facilities.
Also for the home loans, this letter will show the amount that is required to pay by the buyer.

So all these documents are essential for the home buyers who are planning to buy a home in Unity The Amaryllis which is the largest project scattered over 40 acres of area and it brings a perfect merge of 2, 3 and 3 BHK+ Servant apartments in the heart of Delhi, Karol Bagh that brings bigger living experience and helps you to meet lucrative investment.